Tears of Joy

A hysterical cry is all she heard
Or was it a joyful cry instead
However, she was in mixed feelings
But the joy was overwhelming

She tried to gather all her strength
Doing her best to gasp for breath
Tears of joy rolling down her cheeks
And drops sweat soaking her gown

All the pain she had experienced earlier
Was eventually all worth it
With what she could see with her own eyes
And all her ears could manage to hear

His cry was like an infectious plague
One that consumed everyone on the room
With smiles spreading across there faces
All of them grinning from ear to ear

In that very enclosed labour room
She had bore a lovely son
One that would bring joy and comfort
And all the wonderful feelings on earth

The midwife brought her the son
So she could satisfy her curiosity
That all the 9 months she waited
Was what she held in her arms

Imagine the joy she felt
In her heart and mind
To see her son come to this world
The joy of a loving mother!

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