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I’m Brian Muguro. I’m a writer and the creator of The Muguro.

The Muguro is built behind telling our every day stories and experiences. It’s a conversation. Join it.

Under ‘Bachelorhood’ is content that the everyday bachelor goes through. These are the things we do but rarely talk about. The things we don’t realise we are doing unknowingly.

Under ‘Men & Relationships’ is content men go through in the word of relationships and love. Yes, love. The giant four letter word. We’re going to talk about it, whether you like it or not.

Under ‘Women’ is content about, well… You know. You are probably thinking, I will never understand women. One day you buy her gifts but all she needs is spending time with you. You cook for her a delicious meal but instead she feels threatened by your culinary skills. She calls you mama’s boy as a result.Well, here we are going to try and understand women.

I post on Wednesdays.

About Author

I’m obsessed with my beard. Like other millennials, I have subscribe to the community of the beard gang. A long goatee. I can’t bear the thought of shaving it and leaving the house. No one would take me seriously. I’m very tall. Very quite but I have a thunderous laughter.

I’m Brian Muguro. I like to paint with words. To create that feeling. I want to make you cry. I want to make you laugh. I want to open your eyes to the small things we do that matter. We are going to engage in a conversation.

Keep it The Muguro.