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Category: Barchelorhood

The Dinner Date

She looked at me. Her face, contorted. Her right hand covered her mouth in disgust. The other hand dropped the plate on the bed. The movement of her head signalled an urge to throw up. I didn’t know what to do. Why did I agree to it? Why didn’t I say I couldn’t, in the first place? She dashed to the bathroom almost tripping on a shoe that lay aimlessly on the floor. “Baaaaaah!” She threw up.

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Grandfather knows better

This is truly a mosquitoes slaughterhouse. Blood, blood and more blood. Unfortunately, it’s the butcher’s own blood. Hunter turned hunted.

ZZZ the mosquitoes buzz at the break of dusk.

 “Let’s attack him,” they urge each other. “Wait, he is still not asleep,” the younger skinny one complains. “He is never fully sleeping. You will starve if you wait for him too,” the father warns.

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